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with your help we can make the recording of our debut album possible and also expand the reach of our music and culture.

krosshart is a concept born in the minds of Siegfried Hart and Chris Kross. With time, this idea grew into a family of ingenious minds collaborating to express their vision and play part in the further development of the Aruban musical heritage.  

Therefore, also preserving our musical tradition and culture. Just like the past generation of inspiring musicians did, for example; Rufo Wever, Padu, Rudy Plaate, Macai, Doble R, Randal Corsen, Hildward Croes, Ivan Jansen.

As time goes by, each generation is responsible to put their stamp on their own arts and culture.  This project’s vision is to do this throughout the innovation of our traditional music by combining multiple Aruban genres together and with other genres as well, without disrupting their principal rhythms. This is done by using primary parts of each genre that fits together and the experimentation with rhythm, harmony, orchestration and sound design. Creating new sub-genres with diversity in rhythm and colour. Genres we experiment with: Dansa, Wals, Tambu, Tumba, Seu, Soca, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical music, Bossa nova, Candomble rhythm, Calypso, Zoukous.

The final product will be a crossover between different genres and constellations with traditional and modern instruments using various musical aspects to create a musically enriched traditional song never heard before. 

The focus behind this concept is to educate, especially the younger generation, on our musical tradition, culture, and heritage. Also, to inspire other musicians to use our own traditional genres and rhythms in such an experimentational way to explore and expand their possibilities to further evolutionize them with the sole intent to preserve. Preserve their musical aspects and origin. 

The addition of modern sound does not only serve to evolve the traditional music of the ABC islands but also to create a more attractive sound for the younger generations and other genres fanatics. Therefore, expanding the reach and potential of our traditional musical aspects, not only in the Carribean but around the world.    

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