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krosshart is a concept born in the minds of Siegfried Hart and Chris Kross. With time, this idea grew into a family of ingenious minds collaborating to express their vision and play part in the further development of the Aruban musical heritage.  

Each member plays an essential role and ads their characteristics to the concept. Creating a diverse but still unique concept.

Chris Kross_

a Magna Cum Laude Berklee College of Music graduate and has won numerous awards such as Berklee CWP achievement award and new England’s local WGBH string competition. 

Chris studied guitar performance and CWP (contemporary writing and production)

Siegfried Hart_

a drummer currently studying at Codarts conservatory and has won numerous awards such as ‘First Drum Camp’ and ‘Hoben y Talentoso’ award (Aruba).

Siegfried was also chosen to attend the Metropole Orkest academy program.  

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